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Client :


Brief :

To create illustration for the article "Building A Drinks Community". At the starting point, the client likes my coffee themed sample image (sample A), and I created the final image to satisfied their needs - more wines, sprits, beers and cocktails in a themed image instead of coffee themed.

Drink Themed Illustration for full pour by Yoko Baum, 2023.jpg
The Final Image
Coffee Last Supper Illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023.jpg
- Sample A (coffee themed image) -
The client needed a very similar image, but needed it wine/spirit/beer/cocktail themed.
Yoko Baum, Sketch-1, Jan 2023
Yoko Baum, Sketch-2, Jan 2023
- Sketch images -
Replace coffee and coffee accessories with wines/spirits/beers/cocktails.
(Elements and layout adjustment)
Drink Illustration by Yoko Baum for FULL POUR the First Issue, 2023
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