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Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Deck Of Cards

Here are 3 pages of idea boards.

Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Decks Pitch Board 3-1 by Yoko Baum, 2023
Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Decks Pitch Board 3-2 by Yoko Baum, 2023
Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Decks Pitch Board 3-3 by Yoko Baum, 2023
50 Illustrated cocktail recipe cards plus some blank cards - called "Wild Cards", details in boards. I have seen the holiday cocktails deck in the book store, and I wonder if it could be for an everyday occasion, a more fun version, and more fresh and hip style for speaking to a wider range of audience. The style concept is mid-century modern, masculine, sleek, bold, posh, etc.

BEHIND STORY : My husband and his friends, his brothers are obsessed with making cocktails to this present day. Pandemic/lockdown accelerated them for sure, and now they all still hooked on home mixology. They like to learn and make traditional cocktails, yet enjoy playing around with them to create something new.
I love how they are creative in a fun way, sharing an experience with each other. And this is one of my creative dreams of making a cocktail deck for them - in a stylish, fun, and charming like their way!!

STYLE CONCEPT KEYWORDS : modern, sleek, masculine, fresh, hip, lux, bold, posh, and a hint of humor.
The edge interior inspired from mid-century architect Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass, also a bold brown and gold (if the product could use gold foil that would be awesome!) gorgeous color combo upgrade the deck like a more grown-up version of trading cards.

CARD SIZE : Depends how much of the recipe text is needed for space, 4"x 4" or 5"x 5" square would look fun and neat - looks more like coasters.

Many thanks for your time and consideration,  
and I'd love to know 
what do you think!! ↓
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