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Grocery Tote Bag Surface Design

​Vegetable make the world go around

Vegetables are the globetrotters of the culinary universe, embarking on a flavorful journey that transcends borders! From the zesty salsa in Mexico to the aromatic curry in India, veggies are the ultimate adventure seekers, hopping from plate to plate like culinary jet-setters. They spice up street markets in Bangkok, salsa in the streets of Havana, and waltz through Parisian kitchens with finesse. Each bite is a passport stamp, and every dish is a delicious detour across continents. So, join the veggie world tour – a gastronomic expedition where broccoli meets bok choy, and tomatoes tango with avocados. Bon appétit and happy veggie venturing!

Grocery Tote Bag Cabbage Earth Illustration By Yoko Baum, 2023


Available for licensing / commission 

Grocery Tote Bag Cabbage Earth Blue Illustration By Yoko Baum, 2023

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