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Coffee Time Still Life


Here are some of my favorite things from my kitchen. At first, Danish designed small mug cups and platters. They are awesome for an afternoon’s coffee time, I usually serve with a bite-sized mini tart that is from my local European-style bakery (those tarts are me and my husband’s favorite things also!). And Hario’s dripper/server which I brought with me from Japan years ago - it makes good strong coffee. The beautiful dark blue electric kettle can boil water in a snap. All things are functional yet perfect design, perfect color and gorgeous texture combo for me!!
Dansk mugs/platters and Fellow’s kettle I had purchased from @food52 . Also I realized their online store carries Hario’s dripper which is exactly same as mine.

Coffee Time With Mini Tarts Food Still Life illustration By Yoko Baum, 2022
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