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Labels Illustration And Design


~ My Dream Wines For Oregon Wine Month ~


May is Oregon Wine Month ~ as a local also as an illustrator, I'd love to celebrate Oregon's Fabulous wine industry in my way. I made those labels for "my dream" wines.

Natural Wine Komorebi 1 Labels Illustration And Design By Yoko Baum, 2023

Komorebi wine, named after the Japanese word for sunlight filtering through leaves, captures the essence of nature in its beautifully illustrated and designed bottles. The imagery reflects the delicate play of light, mirroring the nuanced flavors within. Among its offerings, the Komorebi Pinot Gris is a testament to this artistry. With its crisp acidity and citrus undertones, it promises a delightful pairing with fresh oysters. The design echoes the ethereal dance of light and shadows, enhancing the sensory experience.

Komorebi pinot gris white wine label design by Yoko Baum, 2023

On the other hand, the Komorebi Merlot, adorned with equally captivating visuals, beckons connoisseurs to savor its rich, velvety texture. This Merlot is a symphony of dark fruit flavors and subtle tannins, making it an ideal companion for a plate of fillet mignon. The design seamlessly integrates with the concept, evoking the warmth and depth that this wine brings to a meal. Additionally, its versatility shines when enjoyed alongside a variety of sautéed mushrooms, creating a harmonious culinary experience. Komorebi wines not only tantalize the palate but also engage the senses through their thoughtfully curated designs, making each bottle a work of art to be cherished.

Komorebi Merlot Red Wine Label Illustration Design by Yoko Baum, 2023
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