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Kitchen Tools, Personal Project, 2022
Cooking in The Home Kitchen with Coffee Illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023
Editorial Cover Food Illustration for StarChefs Rising Magazine by Yoko Baum, 2023
Bermuda Rum Swizzle Cocktail Drink Illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023
Happy Crafting! People Enjoy Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery and Sewing Illustration by Yoko Baum
2D GIF Animation Hurricane Cocktail Drink Beverage Illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023
cosmopolitan martini cocktail illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023
How to Make a Cheese Charcuterie board, Infographic Illustration Poster by Yoko Baum, 2023
A coffee demitasse cup in holiday season still life illustration, Personal project, 2022
2D Animation gif : A scorpion volcano bowl tropical Tiki cocktail drink with cinnamon fire flame ill
Negroni cocktail food and drink illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023
Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Drink and Food Illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023
Tote Canvas Bag Vegetables Illustration and Design 1 by Yoko Baum, 2022
Yoko Baum, Geographic Factor, Soil and Human's Approach That Drives A Wine's Identity, Editorial Art
Wine Labels Illustration and Design by Yoko Baum, Self Promotion, 2023
North Side Oregon Coast Map Illustration - Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Heystack Rock - by Yoko B
cooking in the kitchen, animation, GIF, Pending Publication, 2022
tempra shrimp moriawase with matcha-salt, food illustration by Yoko Baum, 2023
Cooking with a fluffy friend, illustrated 2D animation GIF by Yoko Baum
Thanksgiving Morning Cooking in the Kitchen with kids Illustration 2022
Virtual Meeting Illustration - Remote Work at Home with Pets, Personal Project, 2022_
Yoko Baum, Condiments, 2023
Tomatos on the Vine, Summer Draw Along, 2022
People Gathering and Sharing Food Family Time Life Style Illustration by Yoko Baum, 2022
A Child is Discovering and Learning Online with a Laptop Computer Education Kids Illustrat
Work at Home in Night Time Illustration, Pending Publication, 2022
Coffee Time - Have espresso less depresso, 2022
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Illustration, Personal Project, 2022
Yoga with Cats, 2022
Cheese & Wine Grapes in a Board Illustration
Blue Kitchen Tools on Open Shelves Illustration, 2022
Back-to-School, 2022
Ice Cream Sundae
Having a Lunch at Backyard Illustration, 2022
Riding a Bike Together Illustration
Hedgehog Riding a Horse Illustration
Greeting Card with Variety of Birthday Cakes illustration
Dogs After Pool Party Illustration, 2022
Cats in Grandparent's Basement Illustration, 2022
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