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How to enjoy your last day of Hawaii Vacation ~ illustrated map of Honolulu, Oahu by Yoko Baum

Just because I like to have fun in Hawaii every single minute, even when I land there as a transfer flight!

Beaches And Hiking Trails Near Around Honolulu Hawaii Map Illustration
Illustrated Map Of Honolulu Hawaii By Yoko Baum

Since I live in Portland, OR, sometimes I get a flight to Japan and transfer in Honolulu, Hawaii - 5 hours from Portland to Honolulu (thanks for Hawaiian Airlines! So happy there are flights straight to HNL!!), 6 hours to Haneda is a bit easier than fling to Seattle or LA and 11 hours as no-stop economy flight in my opinion.

The beaches and trails around Honolulu illustrated map idea came to me from my last flight which my layover in Honolulu took 14 hours (an accident, but the flight delayed multiplied times), you never know what you're gonna get.

I was wondering what I could do over there instead of sitting in airport (fed-up) maybe go to Diamond Head crater hike or soaking my feet in the ocean, maybe get a good poke bowl in a local grocery and having lunch and enjoy the sunset in Hickam beach which is very close to the airpot...

I really enjoyed to draw this map, my next Honolulu stop might be a 10 or 15 hour planned layover so I can enjoy a little more flying to Japan or back from Portland.

What makes life interesting is the unknown part of it, for sure!

Thanks for reading my blog, hope you like this illustrated map of Honolulu Hawaii! Mahalo!!


October, 27, 2023

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