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  • Yoko Baum

A Guide for Cheese Knives and Tools ~ which one suits you and your favorite cheese ?? ~

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

There are lots of different kinds of cheese knives and tools, each with their own purpose and use. Think about what kind of cheese you like best and make sure you pick up the knife that works best for that cheese - think twice cut once, no more smushed brie !!

Here are illustrated guides that show which knife is good for the type of cheeses.


So, you need to have knives if you're gonna cut your cheese, but you don't have to have all of them. They all are functional and beautiful in their own way - I think it's important what each knife does and you can decide which one(s) is the best for you.


Also I made an illustrated guide for how to make a cheese board, have a fun to mix and match cheeses from different categories !

Thanks for visiting/reading my blog, hope this will help in your kitchen !!


March, 6, 2023

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