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MISO SOUP 101 : The latter part ~ How to make Miso soup ? ~

Let's review what the former part !

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a Dashi soup stock into which softened miso paste is mixed. Would you like to make them at home? - it's quite easy to make them once you get how to do it!

Miso soup is simply made of 3 components.

*Dashi soup stock (Check the former blog for how to make it :)

*Miso paste

*Soup ingredients (Tofu, Wakame-seaweed, seasonal vegetables, etc)

You already cover a big part of it - Dashi soup stock as the former part, today I'll talk about Miso paste and soup ingredients, how to make Miso soup.


Miso paste

~ white, red, yellow...which one is good for Miso soup?? ~

Miso paste is often labeled by color, those colors come from a combination of the amount of time the miso is aged. The darker color Miso is been fermented longer and the stronger it will taste. White Miso has a mild and sweet flavor, red miso is saltier and has a deep umami flavor, yellow miso is somewhere between white and red.

So, which one is good for Miso soup ? - the answer is it's all good for Miso soup ! Each color Miso has different flavors/characters, even tastes different by brand. If you are not familiar with Miso or any type of fermented food, I recommend white Miso to test out first. It's milder and sweeter than other types of Miso.


Soup ingredients

~ what do you have in your kitchen ? ~

You can add almost anything, Tofu and Wakame-seaweed is great combo, also root vegetables give extra flavor for Miso soup. Feel free to add what you have in your kitchen. There is one tip - chop and thin slice them like bite sizes for quick cook, especially dense vegetables.

Timing to add soup ingredients

*Dense/root veggies - put them in a pan with Dashi soup stock, bring to a boil and simmer until they get tender.

*Soft/leaf veggies, mushrooms - add them in a pan for 5 to 10 mins then add Miso.

*Tofu, Wakame-seaweed - add them in a pan after adding Miso.


How to make Miso soup (finally, yay!)

[2 servings]

*2 cup of Dashi soup stock

*2 Tbspoon (or a bit more, ratio for your taste) of Miso

*Your favorite soup ingredients

(such as onion, daikon-radish, potatoes, spinach, Tofu, etc)

*green onion for garnish (optical)

It's very simple and easy to make Miso soup.

1, Prepare ingredients

2. Bring to a boil Dashi and simmer until ingredients get tender

3. Turn off the heat, and then add Miso

4. Add Tofu/Wakame-seaweed if you prefer

Yes, please turn off the heat before adding Miso !! Otherwise, if you over boil, it will destroy the Miso's aroma and nutrients.

Hope you'll enjoy this recipe :)


Here are some extras... just because I like Miso a lot.

I use Miso several ways. Here is a Miso dip recipe that's great with veggie sticks or steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

Also Miso Orange Grilled Salmon recipe which is on my blog, super easy & delicious. Hope you'd like it.

Many thanks for reading my blog, happy cooking and happy life to you and your family !!


January 27, 2023

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