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  • Yoko Baum

Style Idea : Simple line work, yet stand up strong and high impact

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

My illustration style is strong shapes with some textures for extra expression. Also I love to play with different styles to create the best solution for my clients wishes - if my clients want something simple yet eye-catchy, here is one idea sample that has simple line work with limited colored.

Style Concept Key Words : Simple, Bold, Strong, High-impact, Fresh, Hip, Modern, Line art, Limited Color Palette

The space for text/contents, the right-angled triangle shape image would be perfect for making an interesting and dynamic layout.

I think the style will fit well with a content-based page as a spot illustration or even a front cover.

Or how about a mural, since this type of style could vectorize and expand.

*I got inspired to draw this image from people who enjoy coffee at my local cafe. As a coffee lover/a social person, coffee and friends make the perfect blend :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you'll like those images!


July, 10, 2023

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