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  • Yoko Baum

Food illustration : Tiramisù ~ one of my favorite desserts

Tiramisù is one of my favorite desserts - The recipe is from NYTCooking by Alison Roman (I'm a huge fan of her recipes and Youtube channel, flavors are divine with every single recipe I have tried). I always come back to this Tiramisù recipe when I get good quality eggs. The mascarpone mixture cream is soft and fluffy, makes a good balance of flavor with a boozy espresso-soaked sponge. Here is one personal tip, I usually use vintage 8" square casserole dish that has a glass dome shape lid. So, then I don't mess up the top of the cocoa powder with the plastic wrap when I chill it in the fridge.

Hope you and your family/friends enjoy this "deliziosa" Italian desert!


Oct, 9, 2022

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